Turkey (daydream)

hijab middle east style

jolie fashionmodest fashion middle east style

This past year I have craved a Middle Eastern travel adventure more than anything. So, excuse me while I daydream a bit. We were privileged to travel to Saint Lucia back in May. I wore bathing suits, sun hats, and sundresses. But, during that trip I turned to Mark and said that our next trip has to be different. Give me draped clothing, big scarfs, long skirts, cover me in fabric, and now we’re talking. I’m not sure where we’d go in the Middle East given that there is a lot of turmoil in various places. But, my vote would be Egypt or Turkey. I crave  experiencing the culture, the food, the marketplaces, the mosques, and the architecture. There is a chance that language barriers will popup, seeing how many people speak Turkish. But, that’s part of the adventure, right?! Thank goodness for language books, technology, and translation software, like Smartling because sometimes we need all the help we can get to communicate.

I really admire the  observant Turkish Muslim women (perhaps 50% of the female population) dress in tesettür, a headscarf and light cover-all topcoat, when going out in public. This satisfies the Islamic admonition to modest dress. They prove that you can be gorgeous, feminine, and have sex-appeal while covered from head to toe. It’s beautiful.

Well, thanks for letting me daydream! Thank goodness it’s a beautiful Fall day today. :)

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#ldsconf weekend

timp hikeutah hike

utah fallcouples hikeyoga utahyogacouples hikeutah hikeThis past weekend was our church’s General Conference. WHAT in the world is that?!?!? Well, it’s the best. The humble men and women that lead the church through service (volunteer positions) give talks about faith, service, repentance, loving others, etc. Think of it like TEDtalks with with a faith twist. They are uplifting, thought-provoking, and give you a burst of energy to be a better person. Best part is that you can listen to the talks over and over again because they are online. 

On Saturday between the talks we went on a hike. I don’t see why we would do anything else right now because this season is too short and too gorgeous to not bask in it. I made paleo pumpkin pancakes with this recipe (not pictured). They were yummy yummy yummy!  They were perfect before our hike and gave me an extra kick to do tripod handstands on the trail. Seems crazy, but when you get into yoga it’s perfectly logical.

With more talks on Sunday I cooked this delicious potato & kale hash. No complaints about this decision. It was so good. One sweet and one savory breakfast the next day, perfect for fall.

breakfast hash#ldsconf#ldsconfgeneral conference

We also went downtown to Temple Square hoping to get into the conference center for the last of the talks. We didn’t have luck. But the day was beautiful so we enjoyed some time in the sun before heading home. It was a great weekend and I feel so grateful for Mark and his dedication to the gospel.


Katy Perry’s Prism Concert

katy perry

Not even half of the tour buses. ^^

prism tour

Long story short….I went to the Katy Perry concert solo and it was a blast. I had a GREAT seat and was willing to pay the extra money for it because I rarely go to big concerts and it was my birthday weekend!


Taking a selfie with Katy^^

I was enthralled by her costumes. The production was phenomenal. The graphics on the screen were spot on creative. I felt like glitter was being thrown at my face for two hours. I was in emoji heaven. I thought I’d share the costume drawings from the show since I love fashion drawings…
katy perry prism

Designed by Nicolas Jebran ^katy perry prism

Designed by Roberto Cavalli ^katy perry prism

Designed by Jeremy Scott ^ <3katy perry prism

Designed by The Blonds^katy perry prism

Designed by Fausto Puglisi ^katy perry prism

Designed by Di$count Univer$e^
katy perry prism

Designed by Todd Thomas ^

And lastly…Valentino for Katy Perry PRismThis stunning Valentino dress.

It was a fun and colorful night.



utah hikeutah hikeutah hikelululemon

We went on a beautiful hike near our home. We are amazed that this beauty is situated 5 minutes away! I could go on a new hike everyday during the fall. Fall is too short of a season, we all know that. My co-workers and I are worried that it could all of sudden snow without much time in this season. Ahh! We have to enjoy it before it goes!! Take advantage.


the perfect jumpsuit

black flattering jumpsuit

black jumpsuitmodest jumpsuitjumpsuit with sleevesjumpsuit black

Jumpsuit: f21 // backpack: topshop // hat: sold out, similar // wedges: nordstrom // lips: ysl #26 

I have been on the search for a black jumpsuit for months and months. I wanted sleeves, and I wanted it long enough for my height. It was a hard task last fall, but now they have popped up more and more! Lucky us! And, guess where I got this?? Seriously, I died. Forever21! Isn’t that great?! It did not break my clothing budget for the month! yay!! And bonus, this one came with pockets and pleats. While there I found this hat, which I was also on the hunt for.

Besides what I’m wearing, things are going well. We had dinner with some good friends the other night (my favorite activity). Can cultivating lasting relationships be a hobby? I think it should. A great balance in life is doing what you love, but also doing good. I love my job, I enjoy blogging, I love trying new recipes, and I love being with my friends. But, doing good is so enjoyable. Whether it’s putting the shopping cart back where it belongs in a parking lot, helping someone with directions, donating half of your closet to a women’s shelter, these are the things worth living for. Listen to this episode I produced about service in marriage. :)  -> I don’t voice these, I produce them.




Farmer’s Market

utah county farmers marketutah peachesutah's farmers marketbuy localfarmers marketfarmers market utah

utah farmers market

Jeans: Roxy, old. similar // Top: old // Sandals: not old, but I can’t seem to find them. Similar // Backpack: Nordstrom

Oh my heart. I love the farmer’s market. I wish this was a thing year round. We go every week because I love buying local and everything is so fresh. Last week, I left a cut up apple out for the day and it never browned! I wonder if it’s something to do with how young the fruit is? I’m not sure, but I was impressed with it! Not to mention how delicious it was! We got a good haul today, and now we are watching the BYU football game! Go Cougars! Have a great weekend!

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Fall Florals



dark floral piperlimeelaine genes inspired dress

 1. 2. 3. 

 Fall Fall Fall!! Well, almost. It’s been warm in Utah still and I am not complaining. Remember in the Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep (love her) sarcastically said: “Florals for Spring? . . . groundbreaking”? Well, I kinda feel like florals for Fall IS groundbreaking. Bright vibrant colors on a black canvas has been all over the place. See above photos. So, I was feeling this vibrant, yet dark top. It’s fun to add some color to my otherwise very neutral wardrobe.

fringe backpack

over the knee boots

dark floral


best lipstick


Major shoutout to ShaiLynn Photography, she’s majorly talented.

Top: Piperlime on sale!! // Jeans: J Brand high rise is my jam // Sunglasses: Banana Republic // Boots: Nordstrom // Lips: YSL #12 // Backpack: Nordstrom/Topshop

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exploringexploringcouples selfie

We are getting familiar with the nearby canyon. While exploring we learned that we don’t know jack about it. We were hoping to find an easy nature walk and only found campgrounds and climbing groups. So, better luck next week. Next time I’ll do more research on the trailheads! We did find a small place to walk around and breath in the fresh mountain air. Regardless, I always ache to be outside, and on Sundays I always want to get out for a “nature walk”.


Blush Pink Dress

modest pink dress

blush pink dress

modest pink dressFirst off, thanks for letting me post outfit entries on here! It’s such a silly and materialistic thing, but I think it’s fun no matter how silly I feel. I bought this dress for my sister’s wedding back in August. I loved the unique back and how it flowed in movement. I wanted to add sleeves and this dress was a challenging one because I wanted the neckline to stay visible. It would have been better with a white baseball tee under it because the seams would’ve lined up better, but this is what I had and I was pleased.

dress: asos // shoes: old, similar // sunglasses: banana republic 



Jeremy Scott

Me: “Mark! You know the designer who made my phone case?”

Mark: “Uh-huh”

Me: “Well, look at THIS!! [shows him above photo]“

Mark: “Oh my gosh! That’s YOU!”

Guys, Jeremy Scott is the best at poking tongue-in-cheek fun at pop culture.  I love pop culture (watching E! News now), and I love fashion so he is a dream. Just check out his website!  I also love Halloween, so that outfit above is an absolute joy (shown during New York Fashion Week).

Speaking of Halloween, we have small but lovely Halloween decor up! Featuring this Newly-dead couple on tall black candlesticks. Aren’t they so cute??


A few other important things in life right now:

1. James Brown’s comments on domestic violence. Watch. I was fist pumping the whole time.

2. Steve Jobs was a low-media parent. Other CEO’s are low-media parents. I am not a parent, but I’m with them 100%.

3. I wish I could shop at the farmer’s market year-round. Buy local!