track pants

Can we talk about the wind in Boston?! Especially surrounding our apartment building. We (meaning all of the residents) call it “the wind tunnel”.  It’s never NOT windy. Maybe it’s Spring blowing in?! I sure hope so! Maybe this hope of sunshine is making me crave fruit right now. Earlier this week I snacked on fruit after picking up this months Vogue. . . I should probably get a subscription.

Who else is wearing track pants this season? They’re just so comfy. I loved pairing it with my white blazer. Talk about the back of that blazer, eh?

Today, besides the wind, was beautiful! I walked up to the law school where Sheri Dew was speaking to students. It was a “Mormonism 101″ lecture. She is phenomenal. She spoke about some fundamental beliefs and focused on the women in the church around the world. The students were able to ask her questions as well. I wish I would have recorded the whole thing! I was so grateful to hear her speak. I recommend reading her book: “Women and the Priesthood”. Can I recommend something I haven’t read yet? Well, I am. It’s on my reading list!


I woke up like dis

I’ve been really drawn towards stage costuming lately. Especially when I see the sketches! There is something about fashion sketches. My mom is a fabulous artist and she can sketch designs so well. So, maybe there is something familiar about design sketches that resonate with me. So, when I saw Beyoncé‘s outfit for “***Flawless” I saw how easily it could translate into street wear and thought I’d give it a go.

I wish I had some fierce boots for this outfit, but really no need. I think what makes it come together is the black baseball cap. Easy, and, dare I say flawless?

Also, I love this song, except that it has wayyy too much language. So, be warned before you look it up on YouTube . . . if you don’t run to it already.

sequins in winter

Some sparkle over an otherwise all-black outfit never hurt nobody. Isn’t this top just delightful?! I wore it for some of our engagement pictures. When I bought it I wondered how often I’d wear it . . . the answer is as much as possible! I realize that I’d rather have a few things that I adore than a closet filled to the brim.

In other news . . . the other day Mark and I were driving on the freeway. I was speeding. Plain and simple. I was going too fast. WAYYYY too fast. I got pulled over. I had it coming. Looking back I realize how unsafe speeding actually is and I really need to take a chill pill even when I just want to get home. I was hoping that I’d be let off of a warning. But, my wishful thinking didn’t get me far and I got the biggest ticket of my life. It was terribly upsetting. Mark is very patient and though it was disappointing to the both of us, he wasn’t mad. I, however, cried the rest of the day. So, now I see how I really must institute patience in my daily life, even in driving. Slow down and be patient. I’m still sick over the whole thing.

Looking on the bright-side, I don’t have to go to court! If I had been going 3 MPH faster then I’d have to make a court appearance. Phew! Dodged that one. But, here’s all my money.

all we do in NYC is eat Part 2

Another thing we did in NYC is indulge in Ladurée macaroons. Because, well, they’re Ladurée macaroons. The ONE thing I wanted at my wedding was macaroons. I remember ordering a ton and telling my caterer to put them out. But, I actually don’t remember there being any macaroons besides a tinny-tiny plate next to my cake. I ate one off that plate and it was hard. :( Even my sister asked me about the missing macaroons because she wanted to get a photo of them. So, it’s a mystery, that I’m a little upset about, because I insisted on having them at the reception.  ANYWAY… these little cookies are so yummy and Ladurée has the ABSOLUTE BEST. “Nothing compares to you” - me singing to these colorful things.

K, this is getting out of hand.

Moving on…
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all we do in NYC is eat

So ready to eat!!

We complied a list of stops to make while in NYC. And, it was clear that all we wanted to do was eat. And, eat we did! Our first stop in NYC was Lombardi’s. YUM. ^^

Little Italy is a fun little nook. I always get distracted on the way to Little Italy while passing through SoHo. Because, shopping. I love SoHo. But, we were on a misson! And the mission was pizza, bubble drink from Chinatown, quickly leave Chinatown and the smells, and get a $15 foot massage. A pretty sweet afternoon, right?

After our foot massage, we were NOT hungry. But, getting donuts seemed like the right move. (When I turn 30 I will NOT be able to eat like this . . .)

Let’s walk around a bit, shall we? After donuts we walked around 5th Avenue on our way to Times Square. We stopped by the Apple store for him and YSL for her.

TIMES SQUARE!!!! Times Square is lots of fun. It’s insane really. We love going there because it usually means we will be seeing a broadway show. But, it is a tourist trap and people can be pretty aggressive trying to get you on a tour bus, see a comedy show, and take a picture with someone dressed up for some $$. But, it is a must see if you are visiting NYC for the first time OR if you are going to see a show!

Say hey to Jimmy! ^^

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we went and saw Newsies. It was amazing. I don’t really know what to say about it. My sophmore year of high school my planner was covered in photos from the Newsies movie; and my friends and I had Newsies parties, which consisted of dancing and singing in my basement. I’m not a nerd. I promise! So, maybe I cried during the first song? It’s whatever. Mark loved it too. He’s just so awesome. He is always willing to try something new (cheap foot massage?) and is constantly positive.


Winter Sewing

Eek!!! Lesson learned…. the bobbin thread NEEDS to be perfectly even or else weird tension stuff will happen. ^^

Trying on part of the jacket (right before heading out to the gym). I just pinned down the collar and was just about ready to sew that thing down. (cell phone pic). ^^

Sew fun!! I made the jacket in two days and abandoned Mark to watch movies by himself. But, it was worth it. It’s STILL cold in Boston and the fabric that I picked out is like a cuddly blanket. I love how it drapes. Before I started this project I was inspired by the fantastic designer Melissa Fleis, she designs for the cool, edgy girl with a twist of goth. *gasp!* Did she just say that she was inspired by ‘goth’. Yes, yes I did. Not the 90′s goth, but sophisticated. Anyway, look up Melissa Fleis. She’s incredible.

I also made the grey turtleneck dress. I’ve worn my black turtleneck 80% of the time this winter, so I thought I should make a dress. Pretty simple mind process.

Things in our little home are going well. Mark just had Spring Break, so we went to NYC. I crave that city wayyy too much. But, I don’t think I could live there. But, I could visit every other weekend! Our time in Boston is rapidly coming to a close and I want to soak up every waking moment.


Rockport, MA

For date night we decided to drive an hour to Rockprt,MA to see their cute town, see the ocean, and eat some yummy chocolates.  It was such a pretty evening and it was surprisingly warm! I kept finding Mark in different picturesque moments so I had to snap pictures of him!  We really love doing day/weekend trips. But, I honestly have a hard time knowing what to pack sometimes! Raincoat, rain boots, snowshoes, my only snow coat from 2006, heavy socks, not so heavy socks, etc.?  Typically I’m a light packer. But because I have no idea what the weather will bring, I’m always wishing I brought my rain boots, or 3 pairs of yoga pants to layer. Here’s to looking forward to spring temps! Also, first world problems and I know it. 



Sewing Projects

Sorry for the really booorrrring pictures!!! And, sorry for not posting in awhile! I’ve been busy with some sewing projects. I’m starting out EASY!! First, looking through pattern books is a happy creative place for me. I love it and wish I could be with my mom while I flip through the books. I ended on a simple turtleneck dress and a open flowy jacket. I’m very excited about the fabric I got for the jacket. It is a nice black suede on the outside with a faux fur (it was called “minky bonded fabric” online) on the inside. I don’t own a sewing machine so I’ve been borrowing friends, hand-sewing and going once a week to a class. I’ll finish the dress today (just in time for my New York trip!) and I’ll hopefully get close on the jacket today.

Next, I plan on making some shorts! I really could use some perfect fitting long enough shorts. I would love a colorful silk crepe. I know, super ambitious fabric, but it’s my absolute favorite fabric.

Gotta keep sewing!

Luxury Goods Conference


IMG_3288I have to tell you about this conference! I was able to go to the Retail and Luxury Goods Conference at HBS last weekend. When I learned that the CEO of Kate Spade, the CMO & CDO of Sephora, and fashion designer Donna Karan were coming to speak I jumped at the opportunity. Not to mention the fabulous panelists from various companies. I learned so so so much! I came home with a better understanding of how retailers do their business. Donna Karan was fabulous. I’ve always admired her. I left amazed at the many people who have not only been highly successful in their field in this changing world, but aim to also connect with people. I took a TON of pictures, but didn’t want to overload you. :) I also left with the best goodie bag.


Posh vs. Pinch: Lip Stain


ysl loreal



The other night I went to a Favorite Things girls night. It’s so much fun! Every group of girls should do it, and it’s a great way to get to know other girls. We do it simply and inexpensively. Everyone brings 3 items that you LOVE, but we have a price limit of $6. So, three nail polish’s, three magazines, etc. You draw names and swap gifts. So you walk away with three new things that someone else loves.

I brought three lipsticks! And, it got some of us talking about makeup and what we wear what we don’t. I wear everything. I love it all. So, I wanted to share my favorite lip stain. The YSL lip stain is AH-MAZING! I’m pretty sure it’s changed my life. But, get this…YSL makeup is owned by L’Oreal! The L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine stains have the SAME ingredients as the YSL lip stains. So, they really wear the same. They don’t have the same colors though, so keep that in mind. YSL costs $34 and L’Oreal costs $9. So, you can really pinch your pennies or go for the posh price.