Bay[side] with my Bae

A collection of photos from our visit in SF!! We went with the whole Bean family and fit a lot in those few days.
Stanford campus

Mark and his bros checking out some Stanford art project. ^stanford campus

Stanford has palm trees which makes it pretty dang cool.

Muir Woods

Hiking in Muir Woods like the bosses we are. ^Muir Woods


We stopped by Tesla’s showroom and drooled the whole way home.

Seriously considering.^Lavender

We went to the SF Farmer’s Market! Can I shop there everyday? Kthanks.Farmers Market FlowersBay sideWalking around the beautiful bay city with my bae. Walking in SFBanana Split

Mark’s parents sharing a banana split. Pretty adorable. ^HotelThe best part of the trip was hanging out in the hotel rooms, or at Richard and Emily’s apartment; where we played games, chatted, and doted on the newest members of the family.

Boston, Part 2

*grainy iPhone pictures


On campus socializing with the peeps. (Do Harvard people say “peeps”? Probably not.)Boston event

Section A events. hair

I had to get a blowout for my hair since I didn’t bring ANY hair stuff and it got pretty disgusting.
bookWhile traveling I started to read this book. As soon as I got back to Utah, I pulled on some sweats and finished it.

Well, I miss Boston already. I love Utah and have told myself that we need to take advantage of what our state can offer us. Yes, Boston has inspiring history, great food places, fun events, close proximity to New York, the beach, . . . basically the list goes on. BUT, Utah has unbelievable mountains, great weather, good service, and southern Utah is stunning. So, even though I’m sad Utah isn’t the biggest “foodie” state. There is still lots to enjoy. We got to look on the bright side!

I will say that Colorado has the kindest people. Utah and Boston could learn a thing or two from my home state.

Boston, Part 1

*grainy iPhone pictures. Boston

Harvard Cake


Pink Car

When the hotel has a pink car ^

We had the privilege of going to Mark’s one year reunion in Boston last weekend. It was a blast. My heart bursted with joy to be there, see some of my favorite spots, eat great food; and see some of the most wonderful, brilliant, and kind people we know. I still wish I had more time out there. But, I’m grateful for when our Boston friends can either visit us or we can visit them. We have one friend living in Dubai now and all I can think about is how fun it would be to visit him and explore Dubai!

Deep V Varsity Sweater

kate spade strike a pose

hatpark city


Hi there! After blogging for a bit now, I’ve learned that people most like fashion posts and date outings. So, I’m going to try to make more of an effort to document moments of fashion (though I’ve been budgeting like CRAZY. *Ahem, not spending money), and moments of dates that Mark and I go on.

This past weekend we spent more time on building up our food storage. We even found freeze dried meals that last up to 25 years in the packaging. Sounds gross, right? Well, we tried a sample and it wasn’t too bad! We feel like it is important to create a storage of things we may need in an emergency. Whether it’s a financial emergency or the apocalypse, we want to be prepared. After shopping for our emergency supplies, we went to Park City for dinner and had hamburgers. Sometimes you just need a good burger. It was a beautiful day!

Thanks for stopping by!

jeans: j brand // boots: steve madden (old), similar // hat: target // socks: banana republic, similar  // sweater: nordstrom // purse: Kate Spade



Something from the <3 heart: this speech

Welcome Home


Our entryway

kitchen organized

Plates all in orderwhite couch

Put your feet up

ysl coffee-table

Coffee table toppings pillows

My favorite pillowsloveseat

Our love seat by the windows

Here are some snippets from our new home! We are aiming to keep things simple. I knew my parents would appreciate seeing it. :)

Cake Plate: Williams Sonoma // Gold dipped glasses: Anthropologie, similar // White couch: Pottery Barn // Coffee table: Ikea // Gold polka-dot pillows: Anthropologie, Similar // Blue pillows: Gatehouse here in Utah // Coasters: Anthropologie, Similar // Gold side table: Cost Plus // Blue love seat: used KSL listing

Yoga + Pretty Thoughts

A new week! And, a new month! I’m glad March is here. Though I’m hoping for a lot of snow this month, this month is bound to put some Spring into my step. I’ve been thinking about this piece written by Ronald Dahl:

pretty thoughtsIsn’t that the truth? Someone can be beautiful on the outside, but because of their harshness, or way of thinking, they don’t seem as pleasant. And, we all know people who are NOT supermodels but make others feel like a hundred bucks, are unbelievably kind, and thoughtful. This has been on my mind because I most definitely want to have pretty thoughts regarding myself, others, my job, my relationships, and the trials in life.

Have a happy Monday!



Nail Art

nail art

nail art


I’ve neglected to share my recent nail art with y’all! I LOVE this transparent pink polish. I think it’s the perfect color. So, here is a neutral on neutral take. And, some with rifle paper flowers with gold and green branches. I loved them both.

thanks for visiting my blog with these silly things.

5 ways to be healthy

Thank you Michelle Obama for this idea! She asked us (all of us) to list 5 things of something health conscious. I’ll share some 5 overall healthy habits. <3 Cause, I’m a expert on this and all. ;) (i’m not).

green juice

1. Eat your vegetables. I had a yoga teacher that would say “eat your vegetables” every single time we would end class after the traditional “namaste.” It burned on my mind because of him, and I learned that this was one thing I could never ever neglect. I really do notice the negative effects to not eating those veggies: low energy, low positivity, sluggish, hunger, etc. So, to stay full, to have good energy, and to stay positive I know I need to eat my vegetables.

couples hike

2. Get some sunshine. While at work, take some time to walk outside for 10 minutes. Or, play outside with your kids. I once was in a depressive state for a long time a few years ago, my mom asked me what gives me joy, I replied with “going on walks”. Even though it was winter and snowy, it was decided that going out for a walk, even to get some winter sunshine was worth bundling up.

3. Be with friends. I count this as being healthy, because it is so important to be socially engaged. It’s scary to think how many people are glued to technology: video games, social media, netflix, and blogs *cough*. I’ve had roommates that lock themselves in their rooms and would watch netflix all day (and a friend that is in this current situation). Where’s the fun in having a roommate if you’re not chatting together once in awhile? Socializing is being vulnerable. I really believe that if we teach ourselves and the younger generation to be socially engaged, then we won’t see so much sexual violence, broken hearts, and loneliness in the world.


4. Read. Read. Read. And, read some more. My husband is a brilliant man due to a number of things, but also due to his dedication to reading (there he is in the HBS library). It is so motivating to me. I’ve been reading more and I feel so much joy out of it. Keeping our minds healthy is just as important as keeping our bodies healthy, don’t ya think?

5. Lastly, move your body. I can’t really say what the “best” workout is. You can listen to this podcast to find out (hint: whatever it is you’ll actually do is the best). But, for me I’m pretty much in love with everything except for swimming. I love boxing, running, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, weights, rowing, and yoga again. Is there a career out there for me to go to cool workout studios all day? Can cool workout studios come to Utah? (SoulCycle, FlyWheel, Barry’s Bootcamp do you hear me?!). I could move all day and love every minute of it. But, obviously there are moments that I severely don’t want to move a muscle and be lazy all day. Sometimes I let myself be lazy, but the moments when I “make” myself move I feel like a new woman afterwards.

What’s your #GimmeFive??