White and Gold

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We have been settling into our apartment nicely as we wait for our town home to be built. Yesterday we drove by the town home and both gasped at how fast it’s going up! So, after church we went inside to check it out. It’s weird how we are still unpacking and getting settled just to do it all over again once this has finished.  The floor plans, and most things, were planned when the entire neighborhood was organized, I was able to choose a FEW things: floorings, cabinet color, and carpet. I feel privileged to get to pick out a few things and move into a new home in a few months!

Thanks for stopping by! My Sunday outfit was simple and all-white. That skirt is from Target about a decade ago! Yep. Still wearing it. I’ve always wanted to try three braids into a pony, and today I did. I really liked it! It was super funky which is why I went for a simple, elegant outfit. I also wish you could see my lipstick better (YSL #26 Rose Libertin). Mark says it’s fuchsia, and he’s right.


Sunday Summer Outfits

urbanstile.com urbanstile.com urbanstile.comurbanstile.comI found these two outfit photos that I never got around to posting until now! It’s been fun during summer to be able to walk to church every Sunday with Mark, so on  these two occasions I had him snap some pics of my Sunday-wear. Nothing in these photos is really new, I haven’t shopped for clothes for awhile! Rather, we’ve been buying furniture and kitchen goods. It’s been quite the adventure!

urbanstile.com urbanstile.com colored ring pink ring

Has anyone read #girlboss? I see it on occasion on Instagram and have wondered if it’s a good read?!

Let me know!


Downtown SLC




urbanstile.comMark and I went downtown to Salt Lake City the other week. It was hot, busy, and lovely. We walked around temple square, sipped on San Pellegrinos, and then Mark hit some golfballs while I made phone calls to friends. We try to make the most of our Saturdays since that’s practically the only day we aren’t busy with work.

We just moved this past weekend into a short-term rental while our home is being built. We are so excited! The apartment that we are in currently is amazing. It has a stunning view of the mountain that we won’t get in our home. Thankfully we’ll have this view during the Fall!

We are eating on the kitchen floor since we still don’t have all the furniture we need. And we won’t have a couch until Halloween! It won’t be delivered until then. Regardless, I feel so privileged to even be picking out furniture and creating a life with Mark. Tell you what, life with Mark is so wonderful, he is such a good man and will assemble Ikea furniture like a champ.



The Narrows


Major props to Mr. Mark taking so many awesome photos. We try to take turns snapping photos and he always comes out with winners. Mark works A LOT and I work (not as much), so how did we manage this trip??? I’ll tell you!! We knew that we wanted to hike the narrows and that we wanted to do it soon. We both worked A TON during the week to make it a reality. He put out fires (figuratively) and I produced my show (on the Mormon Channel) getting ahead as much as possible. In my free time I bought food for our hike, and made spring rolls (who knew springs tools traveled so well?). I fished out our gear from our moving boxes (still in moving process), packed, filled up the car with gas, got an oil change, and we were off!

We risked it and hiked with a 60% flash flood rating. Do not do this. But, we did. Oops. We just really wanted to do it, people! Luckily, we did not get hit with a flash flood. Hiking through these slot canyons is incredible. I feel like Utah is a hidden gem in the states and many don’t really know what it has to offer. Maybe we should keep it this way?!? Regardless, this part of Utah is stunning! We <3 Zion National Park.


Park City – Olympic Park Show

urbanstile.comurbanstile.comurbanstile.comMark and I checked out the show at the Olympic Park this past weekend. There were a number of olympians and olympian hopefuls putting on a show at the Olympic Park. It was ah-mazing. They are seriously talented and deserve to go to the Olympics! Clearly it’s summer and there is no snow, so the show took place  at Park City’s wicked cool park built for Olympians to train year-round. Park City is always a blast.

urbanstile.comurbanstile.comurbanstile.comThe best selfie that we could manage.


Warby Parky – Beacon Collection


While in Boston, Mark and I frequently went to Newbury street for window shopping. Some of our favorite stores line the street, including Warby Parker where we both had fun trying on various eyeglass frames many times. Warby Parker’s frames start at a whopping $95 and look like a thousand bucks. They will send you up to five pairs just to try on for a few days so you can find the perfect companion to your style. Mark and I seriously dig them.

Warby Parky launches their Beacon Collection today, which is inspired by those nights where no plans turn into can’t-duplicate-them all-nighters. You know, those days where there is nothing planned, but you end up going to a slipe-n-slide with friends, then to a bonfire in the mountains, and end up at an old diner downtown to top it off. Ah, I love those nights! Cue One Direction’s Up All Night and The Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling.


I believe the Ingram frame would look great on anyone. It’s such a classic and adds a dimension of ‘cool’ to any outfit.

Ingram - Black

Ingram – revolver black

Ingram – tiger tortoise

I’m naturally drawn to the lemony gold-toned Nancy sunnies since the color is so unique. They look incredible in the image below.


Nancy – lemon

urbanstile.com …TO  NIGHT


Mckee – whiskey tortoise

These two frames (also in various colors) showcase Warby Parker’s design talent. I love the unique shape of Garrett, it has an old school vibe to it that I’m digging right now. Styled well, it could really change someone’s life. I believe that.


Garrett – blue slate fade

 The sunglass and eyeglass frames make a fine companion to Mark and my late night dates, mountain sunrises, and everything in between. Check them out!

Thanks for stopping by! xo

S’mores in Colorado


Lucy and I sneaking marshmallows before the roasting. (Mostly Lu, kids love those things).

It was raining, so we were running back and forth to fire up a mallow and then get out of the rain. But, it made for a good time!
urbanstile.com urbanstile.comUrbanstile.comurbanstile.comNephew Noah showing off his s’more! His silly and messy face is too much.


What do you know?! Rain again! I love Colorado rain because it only rains for a small moment and it’s always warm in the summertime. I did yoga on that porch whenever I could because the weather was ideal.


Noah and I found this sweet blue (his favorite color) umbrella and explored in the rain for a bit.

It’s important to be comfy. Especially if it’s raining, you’re exploring nature with your nephew, and if you’re at a cabin. So, these sweatpantsurbanstile.com urbanstile.com

Colorado was a blast. I love my family so much and I cherish the moments I have with them since we live far away from one another. And, what is it about the littles that make your heart melt? I just obsess over my nephew and nieces so much! Being an aunt is the absolute best.

Thanks for stopping by!


Grand Lake Cont.


Various pictures from my stay in Colorado!!

The only picture of Mark and me. We went to a classic boat show and saw classy boats from the 50’s and dreamt that we were at Lake Como in Italy riding around in one of them. *sigh*

riding bikes

Bike ride with the family! My cute niblings are in that little trailer. I die.

hot springs!

Hot Sulphur Springs with my sisters!!urbanstile.comSpending some much needed QT with Penny. LOOK AT HOW PERFECT SHE IS!!

ah. I miss her already.  urbanstile.comAnd, I made a pie!! Who doesn’t make pies while on vacation?

Don’t mind me, I have a few more photos to post from the trip that are coming soon. (Yes, even more!). We packed a lot in. We loved both our active lifestyle and our relaxing times.  Mark and I went to my friend’s Mary’s wedding. It was a highlight to see my dear dear friends there. And, you know it was a good time since I don’t have any photos from it!! Mary was married in the beautiful Catholic cathedral in downtown Denver. It was stunning, SHE was stunning! As I held my friend, Caitlin’s, new baby, watched Mary marry, and sit next to my bestie Jenni; I couldn’t help but feel so proud and amazed at these friends of mine. The important decisions that they have made are inspiring. Collectively we have served missions (Mormon and Catholic missions), gotten married to incredible men, worked hard but rewarding jobs, served in various capacities, and have stayed friends through it all. I am amazed at how different we are, but at how we use that to lift each other up. These kinds of friendships are rare and I feel so privileged!


Horseback Riding in Colorado

urbanstile.comurbanstile.comMy family and I had way too much fun in Grand Lake, Colorado this past weekend. We packed in a lot while still managing to relax and disconnect from the world. The weather was incredible, sunny one moment and a beautiful rain the next. I did yoga on the porch everyday because the weather was begging for it.


My sweet, sweet niece. If you meet her you will fall in love with her. She’s the sweetest human alive, not to mention the cutest. No arguing. urbanstile.comurbanstile.com

Giddy up!horse

T-shirt: Anthro (similar); Jeans: JBrand; Cowboy boots: old, some western store in a Colorado mall! (similar)urbanstile.com



Those of us that braved the ride. (Mark went back to Utah to go to work, I missed him like crazy.)urbanstile.comurbanstile.comurbanstile.comLucy and I were both pooped. She from her pony ride, and me from my horse that kept bouncing and kicking. It was a stressful situation. We grew up riding horses on family getaways, but as I’ve grown older my nerves have gotten worse. I get nervous and anxious in various situations; and horseback riding triggered my nerves for some odd reason. So, that two hour horse ride was stressful for me. Horses can sense that energy, so I think my horse was on edge too. Thank goodness for our awesome Wrangler who told the horse behind me (my mom’s) to stay back 5 feet so my horse could have some space!


Elie Saab Fall//Winter


There are few designs that speak to me on a consistent basis. Elie Saab and his designs totally do it for me. Everything he does strikes the perfect cord. Elie Saab’s style is a unique fusion of western and eastern culture. As soon as these images came to me, I knew I wanted to be apart of it, which translates to posting them on my blog. I can only image the intricate details on each design. Oh to see these in person! This collection didn’t stand shy from the prismic reflections of crystal chandeliers.

Paris, France//Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014-2015

On another note, I just got back from a family vacation in Colorado. It was a blast and I had limited service, so I’m excited to post soon about our trip!