Cape Cod // Part I

1This weekend I woke up to this.

Mark and I are a part of the LDS religion club at HBS and this weekend we had our annual retreat. There were 60+ people and a ton of kiddos. We played games and went on lots of adventures. We stayed at Pelham Resort which was beautiful and perfect for our massive group. 2


I have fallen in love with the Cape. picWe went to the Cranberry Harvest Celebration! It’s a once-a-year tradition where the public is invited to see the cranberries harvested.

7Cranberry Ocean Spray commercials don’t lie, guys!



 There were vendors, booths, and celebrations. But, these were my only indulgences…

Spiced Apple Cider Donuts. A fall staple.


It was fun to go to the Cranberry Celebration with amazing couples and families. [not pictured]. But, they made it so much fun!


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